Start is the FREE Weight Management Programme for children and young people aged 5 – 16 in Kirklees. Start combines physical activity and healthy eating to enable children to live a healthier lifestyle.


Start was originally known as Young PALS, an exercise recommendation scheme for young people. Following a highly successful evaluation of Young PALS (2006 – 2008) it emerged that the branding of the project required a wider focus in order to appeal to all ages. Additionally Start now encompasses healthy eating advice through the FoodWise programme and is now establishing itself as a Weight Management Programme



Start includes:

  • Regular 1 to 1 motivational appointments for children and their families to help them to engage in a more active and healthy lifestyle
  • Access to weekly fun physical activity and exercise sessions such as Fusion and Girls Active
  • More Card – free swimming and subsidised activities


  • Regular 1 to 1 appointments providing information and advice on healthy eating
  • Tailored individual goals to help change the way children eat
  • A range of group workshops, educational and practical, available to learn more about healthy eating and changing the way children and their families think about food

For more information about FoodWise click here


  • For more information… Contact the Physical Activity Development Team on 01484 234096 or email


Testimonials from Young PALS (before the launch of START)

“When I used to not do any exercise, I was really naughty but now I’m really good and my levels at school have all gone up”
Male, aged 10. Young PAL, Dewsbury

“Making friends – it’s the one thing he never had before he came here. He has never had the chance to fit in before”
Parent, Young PALS Hudds

“She wouldn’t speak to people before, but now she does”
Parent, Young PALS Huddersfield

Did you know?

Rushing, making do and eating on the go all lead to unhealthier eating habits like snacking, eating fast food, TV meals, fussy eating and so on. Skipping meals is also not good for children as they may miss out on essential nutrients.

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